Equal by 30 is a public commitment by public and private sector organizations to work towards equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030.

Equal by 30 asks organizations, companies and governments to endorse principles, then take concrete action to accelerate the participation of women in the clean energy sector, and close the gender gap.



  1. We aim to lead by example, integrating equality principles into our organization and policies, and will step up our efforts to promote gender diversity activities, in areas of recruitment and career advancement in particular.
  2. We pledge to highlight and support women, and close the gender gap, by promoting actions in our business.
  3. We will provide leadership, and share our experiences and lessons learned on gender diversity programming and initiatives.
  4. We recognize the importance of reporting on progress and will support efforts to improve the collection of gender disaggregated data so that we can and report on our progress in a transparent, open manner.


  1. We aim to lead by example by taking concrete steps to promote gender equality so that our lessons can serve as an example for others to follow.
  2. We aim to integrate a gender lens into all levels of our work, mainstreaming gender equality into our organizational culture and process.
  3. We will set high standards for the recruitment, promotion and participation of women, adopting more rigorous requirements where necessary.
  4. We will report regularly within our organizations and to the public we serve, so that progress is measured, visible, well-communicated, and we are fully accountable to our citizens.


Equal by 30 was launched on May 24, at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in Copenhagen. It operates under the banner of the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative, which works to accelerate gender equality and diversity in clean energy transitions.

Check out what Isabelle Hudon, Co-Chair of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council, had to say at the launch event!

Transcript - Greetings from Ambassador Isabelle Hudon

Advancing gender equality and women's empowerment is a priority for Canada, and for likeminded countries and organizations right around the world.

That's why it is a key priority for this year's G7 in Canada.

And it's why the Equal by 30 Campaign is especially relevant today.  

Successfully transitioning to a low-carbon future will depend on our ability to harness all possible talent in service of the breakthrough ideas and solutions that will transform our world.

We simply cannot do it if half of the global population continues to sit on the sidelines.

We need to take action together, to close the gender gap in clean energy, and help women succeed in industries where they have traditionally been underrepresented.

We know that achieving gender equality around the world could increase global GDP by 12 trillion US in a single decade.

And that by increasing the participation of women on boards by even 10 percent leads to significant increases in profits.

That's potential growth that we won't be able to unlock unless we get serious about empowering women, paying them fairly, and giving them opportunities to succeed. 

Through the Equal by 30 campaign, we have an opportunity to work together to move this dial.

And I want to encourage companies and governments from across the energy sector to take the first step by endorsing the high-level principles that guide this campaign.

And thereafter, make the changes to your recruitment process, your executive boards, your training and mentorship programs, your work cultures, and your vision for the future.

I challenge you to make gender equity a priority – not just because it's good for your bottom line, but because it is absolutely necessary for the successful transition to a low-carbon economy.

And a more prosperous and secure world.

And I hope that by this time next year, when the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) comes to Canada, we can all come together once again to show the world just how much can be done, when we work together.

The Equality Initiative was launched at the first Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in 2010 to advance women's participation in the clean energy revolution. This high-level forum works to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technology, share lessons learned and best practices, and accelerates the transition to a global clean energy economy. It is the only regular meeting of energy ministers at which they exclusively discuss clean energy.

The Equality Initiative is also a Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) under the International Energy Agency (IEA). Through this platform, the Equality Initiative benefits from expertise and support from government, industry and research organizations in more than 50 countries. Both the IEA and the Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat are proud partners of Equal by 30.

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