Africa Oil & Power

  • Africa Oil & Power (AOP) is the only event company that unites oil & gas with power and renewables on the African continent. With a heralded series of energy events spanning the energy value chain, AOP unites a global audience and spearheads investment while bringing together government officials, senior executives, thought leaders, academics, technology innovators and financial leaders.
  • Africa Oil & Power joined Equal by 30 in May 2020.
  • Africa Oil & Power is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa
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AOP is the benchmark for top-tier networking and high-level discussion on a multitude of issues concerning the African energy landscape.

Africa Oil and Power endorses the Equal by 30 Campaign principles on gender equality, and commits to the below actions:

  1. To promote “Equal by 30” and its principles, including facilitating the exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing wherever possible across the African energy sector (including but not limited to the ideas that follow)
  2. Maintain equal representation of women across our total staff aiming for 50% representation at each level (intern, junior, midlevel and senior positions) by 2030
  3. Strive for 50% female representation on our Advisory Board by 2030
  4. Promote the “Equal by 30” initiative in our internal and external communication materials and efforts
  5. Encourage and support companies in the AOP network to become signatories to the “Equal by 30” campaign, by providing practical support to help them develop and implement their own ambitious targets
  6. Encourage and support AOP network companies that are signatories to “Equal by 30” to aim for at least 50% representation of women by 2030 in company position where women are currently under-represented
  7. Help create mentor/sponsorship relationships across the African energy industry: for instance, by promoting apprenticeships across the value chain of the energy sector; by bolstering the efforts to boost the number of girls taking STEM subjects, with the aim to increase the pool of women entering STEM careers. Finally, by encouraging more women from the energy sector to become STEM Ambassadors
  8. Create a yearly leadership award for a deserving woman in the industry to be awarded at one of our flagship events
  9. We will target 50% representation of female speakers at our events, across our publications and efforts
  10. Procure 50% of our supplies from majority female-owned businesses on the African continent