The Atmospheric Fund (TAF)

  • The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) is a regional climate agency that invests in low-carbon solutions for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and helps scale them up for broad implementation
  • TAF joined Equal by 30 in March 2019
  • TAF is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario
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As a signatory, we have established our own commitments, which should reflect the principles that the Equal by 30 Campaign outlines.

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee has engaged staff through workshops and discussions, to develop commitments which are both measurable and meaningful to our organization.

  1. Maintain equal representation of women across TAF’s total staff and at least 30 percent representation at each level (senior management and non-senior management)
  2. Achieve and maintain equal representation of women on each of TAF’s committees.
  3. Strive for equal representation of women on TAF’s Board of Directors. Recognizing that Board Members are appointed by Toronto City Council, convey our commitment to equality and diversity to the City of Toronto Public Appointments office, with a request to actively adopt equity and diversity in the recruitment and selection process.
  4. Report publicly on our progress on commitments 1-3 above. Share our experiences and lessons learned where possible. Be transparent and fully accountable to our stakeholders.
  5. Ensure that all HR and recruitment activities are clear and reflective of TAF’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion; this includes clear documentation of supportive policies that allow flexibility for different needs (ie. Flex hours, work from home, parental leave, etc.)