Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) is a federal Crown corporation with a mandate is to enable nuclear science and technology and to protect the environment by fulfilling the government of Canada’s radioactive waste and decommissioning responsibilities
  • AECL joined Equal by 30 in March 2021
  • AECL is headquartered in Chalk River, Ontario, Canada.
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  1. Promote equality in recruitment practices and strive for a process free from discrimination by conducting the hiring process in a manner that is fair, unbiased, transparent, and objective.
  2. Offer a dynamic, progressive, and diverse work environment that allows staff to demonstrate their individuality and abilities while benefiting from policies in support of equality.
  3. Promote an understanding of the benefits and significance of inclusivity by providing learning/training opportunities for employees to develop the capabilities, behaviors, and competencies necessary for an inclusive and equitable workforce.
  4. Advocate for "Equal by 30" and its principles in Canada and abroad through the promotion of AECL’s commitments and engagements with peers, partners, and contractors.
  5. Actively celebrate diversity and inclusion to recognize the distinctiveness of people's cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles.