• Boralex is a Quebec-based company that produces renewable wind, solar, hydroelectric and thermal energy in Canada, France and the United States.
  • Boralex joined Equal by 30 in February 2022.
  • Boralex is headquartered in Quebec, Canada
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Despite the ongoing predominance of men in the renewable energy industry and the smaller number of experienced women in technical positions, we are stepping up our efforts to get more women into the technical fields. To that end, we have joined the Equal by 30 campaign and made the following commitments:

Boralex fosters diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity in order to create a rewarding and satisfying workplace for all. Our intentions, as a socially responsible company, are reflected in the following commitments:

Boralex commits to encouraging women to enter traditionally male fields in order to increase their representation in renewable energy. Consequently:

  • Boralex will facilitate the recruitment and retention of women within its organization by ensuring that it offers healthy, adequate and suitable working conditions and environments.
  • Boralex commits to filling open positions (replacement and job creation) by hiring women for 35% of those positions.
  • Boralex commits to creating and nurturing an inclusive workplace where women are welcomed and can be themselves, so that they can develop and grow professionally and personally while contributing to Boralex’s success. 

We are confident that these measures will increase diversity as well as enabling us to attract and retain talent, which is critical to the success of our strategic plan.