Burlington Hydro

  • Burlington Hydro Inc. (BHI) is a regulated electricity distribution company serving the City of Burlington, Ontario, with a licensed service area of 188 square kms and a customer base of approximately 67,500 customers.
  • Burlington Hydro joined Equal by 30 on September 5, 2018.
  • Burlington Hydro is based in Burlington, Ontario.
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Burlington Hydro commits to Equal by 30 through a range of initiatives which may include:

Policy and Governance Practice

  • Committing to the on-going improvement of our workplace policies, practices and operating procedures so that women are sufficiently represented in the workplace. This includes a review of key HR policies and the creation of gender-diverse work environments and organizational cultures that are supportive of women.
  • Striving to ensure contractual terms and conditions that require contractors to have a representative workforce.
  • Striving to ensure collective agreement provisions are not unconsciously biased towards women entering the workforce.
  • Striving to ensure women represent between 10% and 30% of Board of Director and Senior Management positions and promote the business case that diverse leadership teams make good business sense.
  • Encouraging joint ventures between employers and government or employers and their respective unions (or even tri-partite ventures between all three) in support of advancing women in under-represented roles in the sector.

Education and Workplace Readiness

  • Striving/Working towards developing standards and training to ensure staff and leadership are being inclusive of women in non-traditional occupations. This includes working towards acknowledging bias and discrimination to create an inclusive, welcoming environment.
  • Providing co-op placements to both male and female students.
  • Investigating and researching potential factors that are limiting the successful transition from educational and training programs into the sector.
  • Supporting women's transition into the sector by matching new hires with women already in the sector through internal mentoring programs and/or national mentoring programs such as EHRC's Connected Women Mentorship program.
  • Helping to develop women's resilience to thrive within the sector and a variety of workplaces.

Recruitment and Retention Practices

  • Working to promote occupations (and the sector overall) in a way that attracts more women.
  • Striving that, where possible, at least 2 qualified women are shortlisted for all positions.
  • Endeavour where possible to have at least one female interviewer on all intake/hiring panels.
  • Striving/Working towards increasing the number of apprenticeship positions being filled by women, by the individual organization.
  • Developing processes or special programs that help advance women in the electricity industry and support their development.