Centurion Law Group

  • Centurion Law Group is a pan-African corporate law conglomerate, with a specialised focus on cross-border business and energy law.
  • Centurion Law Group joined Equal by 30 in May 2020.
  • Centurion Law Group is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Centurion Law Group endorses the Equal by 30 Campaign principles on gender equality, and commits to the following actions, with the goal of achieving equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities by 2030:

  1. To promote the “Equal by 30” initiative and its principles, including facilitating the exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing wherever possible across the African energy sector
  2. Maintain equal representation of women across our total staff aiming for 50% representation at each level (junior, midlevel, senior and board positions) by 2030
  3. Always to ensure gender diversity when appointing to executive boards, committees, advisory panels and other similar bodies
  4. Encourage and support Centurion energy industry clients and partners to become signatories to the “Equal by 30” campaign, by providing practical support and sharing best practice, so that they may develop and implement their own ambitious targets