Clir Renewables

  • Clir Renewables is a Software as a Service company in the renewable energy industry, providing a solution developed by engineers for renewable energy owners. The cloud-based AI platform provides asset managers and owners with tools to maximize annual energy production and provide clarity on portfolio performance.
  • Clir Renewables joined Equal by 30 in June 2020.
  • Clir Renewables was founded in Vancouver, Canada and now supports staff across Canada, the US, Argentina, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Finland and Germany.
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Public Commitments:

As a signatory, Clir demonstrates commitment to the Equal by 30 principles: To lead by example in integrating equality principles into our organisation and policies; to promote gender diversity through training, mentorship, improved recruitment and retention practices and knowledge sharing activities; and to continue to report on progress towards our Equal by 30 goals.


Inclusion and diversity is a core value for Clir and guides every aspect of the business. We have a dedicated team that focuses on equality-based training and activities, researches best practices for recruitment, compensation and reporting.

  • Continue to promote equal by 30 and its principles, by organising equality-based training and knowledge-sharing/awareness activities.
  • Have a code of conduct in place with zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination.
  • Continue to support flexible work hours, remote work, time off for mental health or stress leave.
  • Support parents with offering flexibility in return to work, flexible work hours, and support for family leave.
  • Conduct internal annual audits to hold ourselves accountable and keep improving our policies and processes.
  • Participate in an external audit to identify areas of improvement.

Recruitment and Retention

We are committed to equal representation of women within the company, across all junior, mid-level and senior positions, and aim to achieve that through the following:

  • Advertise jobs in communities/groups with a focus on gender minorities.
  • Continue to use inclusive language when writing job ads.
  • Aim to directly reach out to 10 qualified candidates for each job posting.
  • Aim to have at least 2 qualified women shortlisted for all positions.
  • Aim to have 50% of internship roles filled by women.
  • Have at least one female interviewer on all hiring panels at all stages.
  • Provide transparency around pay practices and avoid a gender wage gap.
  • Support employees with back-to-work policies after a long absence.
  • Set up a high school or university outreach program for gender minority.
  • Set up a training program for women in junior roles within the company, there they shadow executive/board members and get exposed to raising capital, running the company and wider leadership.


Clir already reports gender and visible minority statistics across departments and seniority levels on our website, and will continue to do so. As of January 2021, 37.9% of all employees and 40.9% of employees in leadership roles identify as a gender minority.