Efficiency Canada

  • Efficiency Canada is an organization that advocates for making Canada a global leader in energy efficiency to build a more productive economy, sustainable environment, and a better life for Canadians.
  • Efficiency Canada joined Equal by 30 on March 5, 2019
  • Efficiency Canada is headquartered in Ottawa
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  1. Equal pay:
    • Goal: establish and internally identify pay scales for all staff positions and levels.
    • Results: dialogue has begun and senior management has committed to move forward once options have been identified.
  2. Equal leadership:
    • Goal: 50% of leadership roles held by women.
    • Results: in May 2018, there were 2 males in director level (senior management) positions. In September 2018, 1 female was hired at the Director level and in April 2019, 1 female was hired at the Lead (manager). These new hires, helped to achieve the desired 50/50 gender balance in senior management.
  3. Equal opportunities:
    • Goal: creation of policies to support flexible work hours, telecommuting, and working part-time.
    • Results: Efficiency Canada has adopted a cloud-based coordination and management approach that operates across Canada. We also encourage and support a flexible work environment.

 As a grant organization under Carleton University, we have adopted their Employment Equity Program, and as such, we are dedicated to the elimination of discrimination and harassment, the removal of systemic barriers and the promotion of employment equity. The commitment is clearly articulated in the University's Human Rights Policies and Procedures.

In addition to our own commitments, we wanted to push beyond 'business-as-usual' by encouraging the clean energy industry to join us in committing to the Equal by 30 principles. In March 2019, we created a social media challenge do to just that. Our hope was that this would spread, not unlike the ice bucket challenge, to encourage other organizations across Canada to join us in taking the pledge. Check out our Executive Director's video, which started the challenge.