• Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network for 95% of continental France.
  • Enedis joined Equal by 30 on May 24, 2018.
  • Enedis headquarters is located in Paris, France.
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Since 2008, Enedis has been committed to support gender equality and diversity through its professional agreements, improving its gender diversity through the recruitment of more women into technical roles and empowering them to take leadership positions.

In order to encourage women to build challenging and sustainable careers in technical roles, Enedis promotes women's access to professional and leadership training programs, especially through adaptation of trainings (e-leaning, decentralised sessions), as well as offering additional support to women throughout their first technical jobs.

These commitments require a shift in mentality and actions to overcome stereotypes and gender bias as well as the promotion of gender diversity at all levels of the company.