Energy Community

  • The Energy Community is an international organisation with the key objective to extend the EU internal energy market rules and principles to its Contracting Parties (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine) on the basis of a legally binding framework. The organisation was founded by the Treaty establishing the Energy Community signed in October 2005 and in force since July 2006. The European Union is a Party to the Energy Community Treaty
  • The Energy Community joined Equal by 30 in June 2024.
  • The Energy Community is based in Vienna, Austria.
  • Learn more about the Energy Community and Gender Equality Initiative.

Equal by 30 Commitments

  1. Raise awareness on mainstreaming gender in all aspects of energy policies and interventions in the work of the Energy Community.
  2. Aim for gender equality in all events, in-person or online, and that no gender is restricted to the moderator or facilitator role.
  3. Endorse gender-responsive procurement, intended as the inclusion of the impact on gender equality and women’s empowerment in its procedures for the procurement of services and works.
  4. Raise awareness on the importance of collecting gender-disaggregated data in the energy sector to inform energy analysis and develop appropriate, evidence-based responses, policies and legislation. 
  5. Leverage networking and strong collaboration to support initiatives on gender equality, equity, and diversity, addressing the challenges arising from the under-representation of women in the energy industry.