The Equal by 30 Signatory Toolkit will help you develop unique commitments that speak to your organization’s objectives on gender equality.

Signatory Toolkit (PDF)


Following your endorsement of Equal by 30’s principles, you are now invited to develop specific commitments that speak to your organization’s objectives on gender equality. This toolkit provides guidance to help you identify these unique commitments. Once final, your commitments will be posted on the site.

Your Role in the Campaign

  1. Endorse the equal by 30 principles
  2. Work to develop specific, measurable commitments
  3. Report on your progress and results
  4. Showcase your progress

Importance of Commitments

Concrete commitments are an important step to ensure progress towards gender equality within your organization, and setting targets makes a difference. Companies with gender targets make the most progress in women’s representation, while those without specific targets lose ground (McKinsey, 2018).

By taking steps to advance greater equality for women, Canada could add $150 billion to its economy by 2026 (McKinsey, 2017).

Research consistently shows that a diverse workforce results in greater organizational performance & stronger bottom lines (Noland et al., 2016).

Recommended Commitments:

Equal Pay, Equal Leadership, & Equal Opportunities

We’ve gathered examples of well-established commitments that your organization can make today towards gender equality for women in the clean energy sector.

These commitments are supported by research and align with existing commitments under Electricity Human Resources Canada’s Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity as well as the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles.

  • Avoid discrimination in recruitment practices, including taking non-traditional career trajectories and non-standard work experience into account in recruitment decisions. Consider putting a woman on every hiring board.
  • Aim for at least 30% representation of women in all junior, midlevel and senior positions in which currently underrepresented by the year 2030. Include information on current rates in your annual reports.
  • Adopt a 30% target for women’s representation as board members and executive officers.
  • Actively promote and document the economic benefits of inclusivity.
  • Nominate a senior leader to support initiatives towards a gender-diverse work environment.
  • Support new hires through internal or external mentorship programs.
  • Share information about pay scales and career trajectories.
  • Modernize policies to support flexible work hours, telecommuting, working part-time, and extended maternity and paternity leave.
  • Promote Equal by 30 and its principles, including to facilitate the exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing where possible.

Other Commitment Frameworks

Equal by 30 is one of a growing number of initiatives aimed at encouraging commitment to action. Please visit the following for more examples of concrete commitments towards gender equality.

Electricity Human Resources Canada logo
Electricity Human Resources Canada: Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity
UN Women and UN Global Compact logo
UN Women and UN Global Compact: Women’s Empowerment Principles
G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council logo
G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council: Recommendations from the Gender Equality Advisory Council for Canada’s G7 Presidency

Next Steps

Develop your own commitments based on examples, or contact us for assistance. Once finalized, please share with us so they can be posted on equalby30.org.

As you start to implement your commitments, we will look to you to report on progress so that we can shine a light on your success. We intend to seek your views on the types of activities and opportunities that will serve you best, and help you develop commitments, or make progress against them.