Future Energy Foundation

  • Future Energy Foundation is a female-led organisation that works to enable future generations, through education and sharing knowledge, growing understanding around energy issues, encouraging cooperation and participation on the future energy scenario. We want our work to be the catalyst for development of emerging markets, sustainability, STEM education, empowerment of women and youth.
  • Future Energy Foundation joined Equal by 30 in July 2021
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Future Energy Foundation endorses the Equal by 30 principles on gender equality and commits to the below actions:

  1. Promote women as members of panels and participants in Future Energy Foundation speaking engagements.
  2. Through networking, address challenges that result from under-representation of women in the global energy industry.
  3. Collaborate with partners to advocate for, support and establish goals and initiatives related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  4. Help increase the proportion of women in the sector by 2030, at all levels.
  5. Encourage women from a variety of different backgrounds to apply for posts in the energy sector, no matter where they are coming from.
  6. Advocate an increased proportion of women students, especially in technical fields, in higher education, and for more girls to select STEM subjects. 
  7. Help provide more opportunities for women to have fair access to education and better career choices.