Germany Africa Business Forum

  • The Germany Africa Business Forum (GABF) is a private think tank whose goal is to strengthen investment ties between Germany and Africa.
  • The Germany Africa Business Forum joined Equal by 30 in May 2020.
  • The Germany Africa Business Forum is based in Berlin, Germany and Johannesburg, South Africa
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Founded in 2017 as a “private for privates”, the GABF encourages German investors to consider the African continent as a profitable and important investment destination. Through a series of initiatives, the GABF draws together African business and political leaders with Germany’s preeminent companies and investors to develop fresh investment concepts that shape German and African business ties, as well as economic thought.

Our international team, based in Berlin and Johannesburg, works as an advocacy organization that supports institutions and corporates to enhance their partnerships and expand their businesses in Africa.

Within our network, we develop innovative concepts to strengthen the African cause in Germany.

The Germany Africa Business Forum endorses the Equal by 30 Campaign principles on gender equality, and commits to the below actions:

  1. We believe in offering a safe, transparent, respectful and inclusive work environment and attractive opportunities for development for all our staff
  2. We are committed to attracting women to all our departments
  3. We will aim for approximately 50% representation of women across all levels, including in the leadership team and at board level, by the year 2030
  4. We are committed to providing fair compensation and equal pay for work of equal value. We also commit to providing career progression opportunities
  5. Importantly and in line with our company objectives, we commit to putting an emphasis on the role of women in driving business and adding value in the energy industry as well as on the African continent throughout our work and efforts
  6. Finally, we commit to sharing best practice with our clients and partners to implement and develop a strong inclusive agenda, which will facilitate women’s involvement in the energy industry across Africa