LNG Canada

  • LNG Canada will export Canadian natural gas to Asian markets, and in the process, put Canada on the global map of LNG exporting countries and create a world-class liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia and Canada.
  • LNG Canada joined Equal by 30 on December 7, 2018
  • LNG Canada is headquartered in Kitimat, British Columbia
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Equal by 30

LNG Canada is a company committed to Equal by 30. We believe that inclusion and diversity are imperative to the success of our business, to the communities where we operate and to our elationships with stakeholders. By employing people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, gender and experience, we are better able to reach our business goals, support the community and build a stronger company.


To realize the goals of Equal by 30, LNG Canada is committed to creating a culture that supports inclusion and diversity and embeds this way of being into all aspects of our business. Our long-term goal is to have equal representation of women among our workforce, in all areas of the company. Within our executive leadership team, we have already achieved this goal, but in other technical jobs and skilled trades, we have a way to go.

We have created a respectful and safe workplace for all employees and acknowledge that inclusion and diversity is more than a woman’s issue to address. We are committed to engaging the whole company in this pursuit and creating an environment in which human beings thrive, and where employees and business partners can openly and honestly contribute their talents, ideas and experiences to LNG Canada’s success.

  • A company-wide Code of Conduct in which there is zero tolerance for harassment or bullying of any kind
  • Cultural awareness onboarding and training
  • HR policies that provide for flexible hours, and enhanced leave policies to support families
  • MARC
  • Early adopter of the BC Construction Association-led Builders Code initiative, and socializing the initiative among the workforce

Recruitment and Retention Practices

We will continually review our practices to ensure they support women working in both equal numbers and equal areas of responsibility. We will support female graduates to enter the energy sector and provide HR supportive policies and practices to retain the women already here.

  • Incorporating inclusive recruitment practices
  • Continual review and improvement of policies and practices to ensure women are represented in all aspects of the business
  • Promoting employment in the energy sector in ways that attracts more women
  • Increasing the number of apprenticeship positions filled by women

Career Advancement

We are committed to ensuring women have the right opportunities at LNG Canada – the opportunity to advance in their careers, to learn and develop their skills further, and to work in related disciplines that build on their skills and experience.

  • Succession planning
  • Women’s Career Development Program (GBA+ training)
  • Maintaining an Executive Leadership team with 50% representation by women
  • Removal of systemic barriers to women’s advancement