Northland Power

Northland Power
  • Northland is a global power producer dedicated to helping the clean energy transition by producing electricity from clean renewable resources. Founded in 1987, Northland has a long history of developing, building, owning and operating clean and green power infrastructure assets and is a global leader in offshore wind. In addition, Northland owns and manages a diversified generation mix including onshore renewables, solar and efficient natural gas energy, as well as supplying energy through a regulated utility.
  • Northland Power joined Equal by 30 in March 2022.
  • Northland Power is headquartered in Toronto, Canada
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  • Setting an inclusive tone from the top by continuously taking action against our six global diversity, inclusion and belonging commitments. This includes applying an equity lens to our practices so that all our people have the same opportunities to grow their careers to their fullest potential.
  • Assessing inclusion and belonging based on patterns in employee experiences, measured through our annual global engagement survey. Survey items around inclusive leadership, belonging, empowerment, career and work life balance are included in the metrics.
  • Establishing relationships with external organizations to help us learn best practices related to diversity, inclusion and belonging. This includes a partnership with Catalyst, a global non-profit that is committed to helping build workplaces that work for women.
  • Increasing our peoples’ understanding and knowledge about gender equality. This includes building awareness and equipping our people with the tools and resources they need to have inclusive conversations.
  • Meeting and maintaining 30% target for women’s representation as board members and senior management, as outlined in our Diversity Policy.
  • Having our executive officers annually rotate as Chair of our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council to support initiatives towards a gender-diverse work environment.