The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries

  • The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries is an association of more than 200 leading Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry in Canada and abroad. OCNI is the leading voice of the Canadian nuclear supply chain, actively promoting the production of safe, clean and reliable nuclear electricity
  • OCNI joined Equal by 30 in January 2019
  • OCNI is headquartered in Pickering, Ontario
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  • OCNI will introduce a pay equity plan and will reach overall gender balance in its staffing and board members. OCNI has flexible working hours and working-from-home arrangements that help to support family-related responsibilities.
  • Encourage OCNI member companies to become signatories to “Equal by 30” in support of the endeavour and its objectives.
  • Encourage OCNI member companies that are signatories to “Equal by 30” to aim for at least 30% representation of women by 2030 in company positions in which women are currently under-represented;
  • Encourage OCNI members to identify qualified women candidates for election to the OCNI Board, with the aim of reaching 50% representation of women on the OCNI Board by 2030;
  • Encourage the OCNI Board to nominate a senior leader to support initiatives towards a gender-diverse work environment in the nuclear sector;
  • Undertake to promote “Equal by 30” and its principles, including facilitating the exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing where possible within the nuclear sector;
  • Continue OCNI’s active support of Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada;
  • Help create mentor/sponsorship relationships within the Nuclear industry; and
  • Create a leadership award for a deserving woman in the industry to be awarded at the AGM