• Snam is one of the world’s leading energy infrastructure operators and ranks among Italy’s largest listed companies, by market capitalization. Through a sustainable and technologically advanced network, Snam guarantees the security of supply and is a key enabler in the energy transition
  • Snam joined Equal by 30 in June 2021
  • Snam is headquartered in Milan, Italy
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Snam D&I Approach

Snam considers people to be vital both for the success of the organization and for the creation of value for the company and its stakeholders in a fair and sustainable manner.

Snam believes that diversity and plurality are values ​​that contribute to creating an open and stimulating work environment, ensuring perspectives and points of view that favour innovative ideas and effective and upright conduct. For these reasons, it has developed an organizational framework enhancing diversity and supporting inclusion.

By implementing the values stat​​ed in its Code of Ethics and in line with the provisions of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights the International Labour Organization’s Fundamental Conventions, the OSCE’s Guiding Principles for multinational organizations and Principles of Global Compact, Snam guarantees equal dignity and opportunity for all persons regardless of their country of origin, the culture and religion to which they belong, their gender, sexual orientation, political opinions and whatsoever other characteristic and personal style.

Snam, therefore, commits itself daily to:

  • developing a culture of diversity and equal opportunity among employees and collaborators, making sure that all are treated, always, with dignity, respect and fairness, demonstrating conduct that will reflect inclusion and support the Company’s values
  • creating a welcoming work environment, free from any direct or indirect discrimination and from whatsoever type of harmful behaviour based on personal, social, political and cultural diversity
  • applying specific HR policies and metrics to guarantee equity in all of the employer-employee relationships, from the process of selecting people to the assigning of roles, from the assessment of performance to professional development and from fair compensation up to the end of the relationship
  • supporting the professional development and growth of its human resources, inspiring employees to attain their full potential and guaranteeing the sharing of best practices throughout the organization
  • recognizing the value of balance between professional and private life by developing programmes and initiatives to support reconciliation of work and personal life

To support the implementation and monitor the initiatives aiming to reinforce an increasingly inclusive culture, Snam created the ‘Inclusion@Snam’ team, an inter-functional group of 35 people, as representative as possible of the many company diversities, which promote the culture of diversity and equal opportunities, creating an inclusive work environment.

Snam Equal by 30 Commitments

  • To spread a culture, within the organization and in the society at large, regarding gender equity and female representation. We leverage on STEM scholarships to positively impact university applications, job shadowing programs and STEM tutoring for young females as well as role modeling school events to inspire young students
  • To attract, select and retain the best talent by offering equal opportunities to every individual regardless of age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital or socio-economic status. We try to eliminate distortions of judgement through training that will lead to a greater awareness of unconscious biases in the recruiting processes, to the principles of equality and the use of inclusive language in the workplace. At the same time, we make sure that every person in the company has the same professional opportunities by developing a career path through performance evaluation, ongoing training and by ensuring that everyone is made aware of open positions
  • To increase the number of women in managerial positions (25% by 2023) and in the succession planning for strategic roles (27% by 2023) .We believe that a more balanced, heterogeneous leadership pipeline needs to be achieved and to do so, the contributions made by both genders are equally assessed in the organization’s internal decision-making processes. Creating a culture of gender equality in Snam is at the very basis of the human capital strategy, which is so essential to guarantee excellent performance based on talent and long-term sustainability