What is The Equal by 30 Campaign?

Equal by 30 is a commitment by public and private sector organizations to work towards equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030. Equal by 30 asks companies and governments to endorse principles, and take concrete actions to help close the gender gap.

Through this campaign, we are bringing together leadership from across the energy sector to galvanize action, and help all players - from private sector companies to governments at all levels - take action together.

Why Do We Need This Campaign?

Successfully transitioning to a low-carbon future will depend on our ability to harness all possible talent. Internationally, women represent only 32% of the renewable energy workforce. We must do more to ensure that the low-carbon transformation results in growth that is inclusive, and where the benefits are shared.

Why Should I Sign On?

This campaign signals your commitment to taking steps to advance gender equality in your organization. Even modest changes, like putting women on hiring boards, promoting a woman into a leadership role, and having training sessions on the importance of gender diversity, can have meaningful impacts for your organization's culture, your community, and your bottom line.

Your efforts, combined with those of all signatory companies and governments, can help build momentum towards meaningful global change. It also serves as an opportunity to lead by example, providing a platform to share your success, and help others learn from your experiences.

How Do I Sign On?

Interested companies and governments can reach out to us with information about who you are, and how we can be in touch.  If you decide to endorse the principles, we'll add your logo to the website as a signatory. In time, we'll add your commitments and, eventually, updates on your progress.

Do I Need To Have Commitments In Place To Sign On?

Not right away. The Equal by 30 principles provide a framework for action, and are the first step towards the development of your commitments. You can endorse the principles first, then develop and provide your commitments afterwards. Your commitments can be initiatives already underway in your organization.

Need inspiration for developing your commitments?:

What Happens After I Sign On?

When you decide to become a signatory, we'll request a copy of your company logo, and some basic information about you, to feature on our website. We'll also highlight your participation in #Equalby30 on social media which allows you to easily share the news.

Thereafter, you can start to develop your commitments that speak to your objectives on gender equality, and that support the goals of equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities. Once your commitments are final, they'll be posted on the website.

As you start to implement your commitments, we'll look to you to report on progress so that we can shine a light on your success.

What Kind Of Reporting Do I Need To Do?

We will be working to develop reporting timelines that don't present undue burden to signatories, and that allow us to show the impacts of putting commitments in place to advance gender equality.

Who can sign on?

This framework is broad enough that all participants helping to transition the world to a low-carbon future are included, including mining and forestry. We believe we are stronger when all sectors stand together on gender equality.

We also believe that transitioning to a low-carbon economy will require many hands, and that all industries benefit by increasing the participation of women in their organizations and cultures.

Any more questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to the Equal by 30 Team – we're here to help!