What is the Equal by 30 Campaign?

Equal by 30 is a commitment by public and private sector organizations to work towards equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women, and other marginalized groups, in the global energy sector by 2030. The Equal by 30 campaign asks signatories to endorse high-level principles, set commitments, and take concrete action to advance inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in energy. Signatories are asked to report on a regular basis on progress made against their commitments.

Equal by 30 is a campaign under the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative, a joint effort between the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) to advance gender equality in clean energy, globally.

Through this campaign, leadership from across the energy sector– private sector companies, non-governmental organizations, and governments at all levels – is taking action together.

Why Do We Need This Campaign?

Successfully transitioning to a low-carbon future will depend on our ability to harness all possible talent. Internationally, women represent only 32% of the energy workforce, while racial & ethnic minorities account for just 22%. We must do more to ensure that the low-carbon transformation results in growth that is inclusive, and where the benefits are shared.

Who has Signed On?

The campaign has reached over 200 signatories worldwide, including all of the G7 countries. The global signatory base spans multiple areas of the energy sector, including renewables, energy efficiency, nuclear, oil and gas, and clean tech, along with likeminded organizations in the sustainable environmental and climate space.

Why Should I Sign On?

This campaign signals your commitment to taking steps to advance gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in your organization. Officials at all levels, from policy and program leads, to Ministers, play a critical role in promoting and helping to achieve the goals of Equal by 30 and building momentum towards meaningful global change. This is an opportunity to lead by example, providing a platform to share your success, work with industry and partners to make change, and help others learn from your experiences.

How Do I Sign On?

Interested governments, companies and organizations can reach out to us here to receive more information, set up a chat to discuss, or let the Equal by 30 team know that you’re ready to join! There is nothing to formally sign – you agree to the campaign’s principles, commit to take action to advance gender equality and diversity in the energy sector.


The process to announce your participation is quick and straightforward:

  1. Email the Equal by 30 team confirming your participation in the campaign here.
  2. Let us know your preferred timing for making the public announcement of your organization joining the campaign.
  3. Send us your logo/flag, which will be posted on the Equal by 30 homepage in time for the announcement. Images need to be provided as a png or jpg file.
  4. The Equal by 30 Team will post the announcement on social media using the Natural Resources Canada twitter and Linkedin.

What Happens After I Sign On?

You can start to develop your commitments that will describe your objectives on gender equality, diversity, and inclusion and that support the goals of equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities. Need inspiration for developing your commitments? Please refer to the following tools, or reach out to arrange support from the Equal by 30 Team:

Send your final commitments to the Equal by 30 team and they will be posted on the Equal by 30 website. As you start to implement your commitments, we also want to highlight your successes – if you have a new policy, program, or initiative that is working to advance the participation of marginalized groups in the energy sector, please let us know, so that we can promote widely and share within the Equal by 30 network, so that others can learn from your leadership.

What Kind of Reporting Do I Need To Do?

There is no mandatory reporting under the Equal by 30 Campaign. However, reporting and other accountability measures can help build momentum and encourage others to join the movement, share learnings on tactical interventions that work (and what doesn’t), and inspire women and all marginalized groups to see energy as a preferred career path.

The campaign signatories undertook a reporting exercise in 2020/2021 to help organizations and governments measure their progress on gender equality commitments, track progress on the goals of the campaign, and create a much-needed baseline of gender-disaggregated data for the energy sector. Click here to view the full report.

In 2023, Equal by 30 released a self-assessment tool, to help the sector evaluate its progress on implementing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility practices and policies, on the road to 2030.

In the lead up to 2030, we will be working to develop reporting timelines that don’t present undue burden to signatories, and that allow us to build off of our past reporting cycle, as well as work being done by the IEA and the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative.

Any more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Equal by 30 Team – we’re here to help!